American Security FS Model Safes

black small safe with key pad on the front

American Security FS model safes are sturdy and dependable, providing unmatched security and protection for your valuables. At R.J. Lock & Security, we provide only the finest brands and models of safes for our customers to choose from. The American Security FS Model Safe series offers three exceptional options: the FS914E5LP, FS1814E5, and FS149E5LP. Find the safe that works best for you!

FS914E5LP Safe

This safe is perfect for individuals seeking a compact and versatile storage solution. It offers a convenient size while providing ample space to secure your valuables. The FS914E5LP can accommodate a variety of items such as documents, jewelry, and small firearms. It features an electronic lock for easy access and solid construction. Additionally, this safe is equipped with a 60-minute fire rating. 

FS1814E5 Safe

With its larger size, this safe is suitable for those with an extensive collection of firearms and other valuable possessions. It provides enhanced storage capacity while maintaining a compact look. The FS1814E5 includes an electronic lock for quick and secure access, as well as adjustable shelving and a key lock drawer to accommodate your specific needs. Plus, there’s no unauthorized access to this bad boy—two steel deadbolts will prevent the door removal if the hinges are removed.

FS149E5LP Safe

This safe strikes a perfect balance between compactness and storage capacity. It is designed to accommodate long guns and other valuable items, providing flexibility and versatility. Along with the other safe sizes, it has U.L. certified 60-minute fire protection. The FS149E5LP features an electronic lock, enabling convenient and secure access to your belongings.

All American Security FS model safes prioritize security as their utmost concern. Whichever FS model safe you choose, you can trust in guaranteed protection. Contact R.J. Lock & Security for more information on which safe is right for you!


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