Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a rekey?
A. Rekeying is more or less exactly what it sounds like, it is the act of taking a lock that currently works with one specific key and reconfiguring it so that it will work with a different key, and that is the new key, called rekeying. There are many advantages, from security standpoint, to having your locks rekeyed whether you need it for home or business use, such as: When performing a rekey you can add an unlimited amount of locks to your home or office without needing to carry a large amount of keys. Anytime you have an employee that is being let go, a roommate or tenant moving out of your home, multi unit investment property or your office building you can have the locks rekeyed as opposed to spending a lot of money for new locks and hardware. You can take away all your worries with changing the locks to work with a new key. One of the best features when you rekey is that you can have one that works with only a few locks and another key that works with every lock, such as various doors or cabinets in your home and different offices, file cabinets, closets and other areas in your business, this is also knows as master rekeying.

Q. I can buy the same lock at the do-it-yourself center for less than your charging me. How come your prices are higher?
A. Do-it-yourself centers have historically been able to buy in vast quantities and sell below-retail prices. The trade-off is the selection and service level. You can get a great price as long as you want the one they stock and don’t need any technical expertise to help you decide if the one they stock is the one you need. The popularity of “big-box” stores has caused the demise of many small retailers – hardware stores, stationary stores, and so on – leaving the consumer with less choice and lower service levels.

Q. What’s your company policy on duplicating keys that say DO-NOT-DUPLICATE on them?
A. The “Do Not Duplicate” message has been compared to a “Keep off the Grass Sign”. Both announce the owner’s desire, but neither have much enforceability. and the words “Do Not Duplicate” can be ground off, or covered up with tape, or a label, etc – many DND keys have been copied by an unknowing and unsuspecting hardware clerk. For REAL protection against unauthorized key duplication, ask us about the High-Security lock systems available.

Q. I was told that if I am using “BEST” locking hardware, cylinders and keys on my doors that I have no choice but to stay with that particular company and their products. A change would mean all new hardware! Is that true?
A. Nothing could be more untrue. There are many alternate interchangeable-core cylinders which will fit your locks – many of them offer more protection from unauthorized key duplication than your Best locks do!

Q. Can you change my safe combination to a number I can remember?
A. Sometimes. There are certain guidelines safe technicians use when choosing safe combinations, required for proper operation of the lock. Ascending or descending numbers sequences generally do not make good combinations, nor do birthdays. However, there probably is a number you have memorized which can become your combination – ask our technician for advice.


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