Best Places to Put Your Safe

Safe in a closet with hangers

There isn’t one right answer for where you should put your safe in your home. The decision should be made based on a variety of factors like the contents, and the type of safe. At R.J. Lock & Security, we’ve been proudly securing the shore for over 30 years and we’re happy to help you navigate all you need to know about keeping your valuables protected in your home. 

How to Decide Where to Put Your Safe

When you’re deciding where to place the safe a lot of it depends on the reasons behind why you bought the safe and what you’re using it for. Think about what you’re keeping the valuables protected from. The most common reasons are burglary, fire, and flooding.

In the case of burglary, you want to keep your valuables safe in a hard to find spot with low traffic to the area. Safes can be hidden from view in many ways like utilizing doors that blend into the wall or building it into the structure of the house for more security. A burglar is most likely to check the main bedroom and the garage. Main bedrooms are common places to store valuables and garages are easiest to break into, so keep your safe out of these areas if possible.

If you’re looking to protect your valuables from a fire, the first step is to get a high fire-rated safe. This will provide extra protection in case of an emergency. The best location would be a corner, ideally set in cement floors/walls or placed next to them. Also, try and place the safe in range of the sprinkler system if you have one. 

To protect your items against flooding, keep the safe in a high-up location, above the ground level. Many fire safes are also water-resistant. However, to take extra precautions, store the valuables in waterproof containers before placing them in the safe.

If you’re looking for a safe to store your valuables or reliable experts to help you install it in the right place, contact our team at R.J. Lock & Security for customer service you can’t beat!


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