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If you own a rental home, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to remove a renter, lessee, or even homeowner, who has breached their lease or failed to make payments. In a situation where eviction is necessary, sometimes a locksmith is called in to change the locks on the property for a landlord, or mortgage company. A locksmith may also be called in by tenants prior to legal eviction. 

R.J. Lock and Security is Delmarva’s preferred locksmith to handle all security needs. The experts at R.J. Lock understands that during the eviction process, both the tenant and the landlord have rights, and are knowledgeable of, and capable of, following the proper procedures while dealing with the eviction process. 

Eviction Locksmith Services

There are a number of ways that a locksmith will be able to help a tenant to secure their home; 

  1. A locksmith is allowed to duplicate keys when provided with proof of residency. 
  2. A locksmith is allowed to install security devices for a tenant provided the lease or rental agreement allows it.
  3. A locksmith is allowed to help a tenant re-enter their rental home, if provided with a Court sanctioned Emergency Re-entry Order. 
  4. A locksmith is allowed to open mailbox locks, safe locks, garage locks, and storage area locks if proof of ownership is provided. 

As the landlord of a property in the middle of an eviction, it’s important to be prepared for the retaliation that may come. Disgruntled tenants may break-in, or create other property damage when faced with eviction. When a landlord has an Order for the Sheriff to evict an occupant, they may call on a locksmith, and plan for them to arrive at the same time as the sheriff. 

A locksmith is able to open a door, leaving no damage to the lock or the door, when a renter becomes uncooperative during the eviction process. Once the property is vacant, the landlord will need to have the locks replaced, or changed to ensure the security of the property. After the eviction process, landlords are highly suggested to replace any locks, security cards, and the settings on keyless entries, doors, garage locks, storage areas, gates, and mailboxes. 

Secure your property today by contacting R.J. Lock and Security for more information about any of our products, or services.


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