Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Safe

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You might be thinking that since your business doesn’t deal much in cash, your locked file cabinet or office door is enough to keep your company’s information secure. However, having a safe in your business is not just about locking up cash at the end of the day. R.J. Lock offers five reasons your commercial business needs a safe on-site. 

Top Five Ways a Safe Will Make Your Business More Secure 

  • Secure unused devices like work cell phones, laptops, or tablets. 

Technology is engrained in every aspect of business operations and often harbors sensitive customer information. Make it part of your management team’s process to lock away unused tech items daily. 

  • Show your employees you care about security and business property.

Theft in the workplace is something many business owners face. A safe with a digital keypad entry can help managers keep track of who is handling cash or sensitive items. Knowing that company assets are stored in a safe will give you peace of mind. 

  • Protect physical items from outside forces like burglaries, weather, or fire damage.

Malicious entry to your business could do severe damage, as could a fire or natural disaster. Keeping key information and backups on storage devices in a safe adds a layer of protection and will help your company recover from an emergency. R.J. Lock & Security is available 24/7 to serve commercial clients

  • Store important documents, logins, and other sensitive information in a safe.

As a business owner, you alone may hold the keys, physically and technologically, to every aspect of your business. Make sure important documents, such as legal information or permits, are stored in a safe, not just in your office.

  • Deter criminal activity.

Even if your business does not deal primarily in cash, it’s important to have a safe place to store checks, financial information, or change drawers. There are a lot of variables that go into running a business with a physical location, and deterring crime is just one. Establish workplace practices that promote a secure environment, such as storing cash or other valuable assets in a safe. 

View R.J. Lock & Security’s inventory of safes, with both digital, and keyed entry options. If you’re concerned about other aspects of your business’ security, contact us for a consultation


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