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Safe with a keypad and key lock

When you’re looking for a safe to hold your valuables, you want the best quality available to keep your things secure. R.J. Lock & Security is committed to protecting you and your valuables, no matter the size or shape. 

To do this, we provide our customers with a wide variety of the best safe brands including Gardall safes. Check out everything you need to know about the Gardall brand and the types of safes they offer to see which one is right for you!

Gardall Safe History

Gardall is recognized worldwide for its large-scale business model that produces residential, commercial-grade, and small business safes. The security and functionality of their safes are top-notch and they have been recognized three times since 1995 as a premium selection by Consumers Digest magazine.

Gardall provides a variety of safes for all walks of life. From high security, and concealed in floor safes to fire and gun safes, they have everything you need to keep your valuables safe. 

Fire Safes

  • U.L. 2 Hour or 1 Hour Fire/U.L. Burglary 
  • Economical 2 Hour Fires 
  • Microwave Safes

Gun Safes

  • Fire Lined 
  • Pistol Safes

Commercial Safes

  • Heavy Duty Cash Register Tray / Wide Body Depository 
  • “B” Rated Money Chest

Concealed Safes

  • Heavy Duty Concealed Wall Safes
  • Light Duty Concealed Wall Safes
  • Insulated Wall Safes

High-Security Safes

  • Dual Security “B” Rated Safe Within a 2 Hour Fire 
  • Dual Purpose 2 Hour High Security 
  • Commercial High-Security TL15, TL30, and TL30 x 6

Other Safe Categories

  • Media
  • Depository
  • In-Room Hotel
  • Concealed in Floor
  • Jewelry

Discover more of the safe options that would be perfect for you and your valuables. Visit R.J. Lock & Security or contact us to get more information from the security experts and get the best safe for you.


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