Home Safes: Pros and Cons of Digital Keypads

Digital Keypad Safe

Choosing a safe is a big decision because it is a purchase that you might keep with you for the rest of your life. You might be thinking about who will use it, when, and what will fit inside. When deciding on a digital keypad or a key lock for your safe, R.J. Lock has a few guidelines, taken from our 35 years of experience in home security.

Pros and Cons: Digital Locks for Safes

Pros of a Digital Lock System

  • Multiple Entry Codes

Locks that allow for several entry codes to be used at once can be helpful to know who accessed the safe and when. Some safes with keypad locks offer audit trails to track users.

  • Convenient and Fast

Users can easily input a combination of numbers to unlock the safe without the need for physical keys, making it convenient for frequent access. Inputting a code can be faster than finding and using a physical key, making it ideal for emergency situations. If trouble arises, R.J. Lock offers emergency home service 24/7. 

  • Keyless, with a Back-up Key

Metal keys can get lost. With a digital system, there is no need to manage keys and no need to worry about the key getting stolen. R.J. Lock sells the American Security EST Model Safes, which have digital keypads but also a keyed entry for emergencies. 

Cons of a Digital Lock System

  • Batteries and Malfunctions

Digital keypads generally require batteries or they will need to be charged periodically. This maintenance may not be ideal for everyone. Depending on where the safe is kept, cold weather can drain the batteries quicker than expected. 

  • Expensive to Rekey

Each digital lock system would need to be replaced entirely when it falters. Metal key locks can simply be rekeyed quickly, easily, and inexpensively. 

  • Hacking or Code Compromise

Codes would need to be changed regularly to avoid someone discovering or guessing the code. For locks that use Bluetooth technology or connect to the internet, there is always the possibility of hacking by malevolent outsiders. Some of the more rudimentary digital keypads have simple, four digit codes that burglars could attempt to guess. 

There are many things to consider when buying a safe, including keyed or digital keypad access. Contact R.J. Lock or fill out our Request Service form to get a custom consultation for your safe or security needs. 


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