How Safes Are Made

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At R.J. Lock & Security, we work with safes daily and advise our customers on the best safe choice for them. Through our work, we’ve learned that making a safe involves key steps that ensure its durability and security. While the specifics can always vary depending on the type of safe, the general steps involved in making a safe include some of the following.

  1. Design Plan: The process starts before manufacturing with the design and determining the specifics of the safe, including size, shape, and security features. This stage involves detailed planning so that the safe meets industry standards and customer requirements.
  2. Material: A crucial step is selecting high-quality materials for a durable and secure product. Safes are typically made from strong metals like steel and alloy, with reinforced fire and water protection layers.
  3. Assembly Process: Materials are then used to assemble the parts like doors, the body, hinges, and the locking system. The pieces are shaped, molded, and welded into a cohesive unit, ensuring precision and strength in the assembly process. Then, the most important step is adding the security features. This can include electronic locks, biometric scanners, and sophisticated alarm systems.
  4. Quality Control: Before the safe is ready to be sold, it goes through rigorous testing. These tests often assess the safe’s resistance to various threats, such as break-ins, fire, and water damage. The safe will not receive certification for market release until it meets the necessary qualifications. 
  5. Packaging: Finally, finishing touches are added for appearance and the safe is fully prepared. Then packaging is done securely to protect the product, and shipped to places like R.J. Lock where they host a variety of safes for purchase.

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