Is Your Safe Waterproof?

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As professional locksmiths and safe sellers, R.J. Lock & Security experiences this inquiry all the time. Are you looking for a waterproof safe? Is your safe waterproof? If floods are common in your area or you’re looking to protect valuables that could easily be damaged by moisture, waterproof safes are the way to go. However, no safe is completely waterproof. 

So what does it mean when safes say that they are “waterproof”? We’ll tell you. 

Water-Resistant Safes

Safes that claim to be waterproof are only water resistant. But there’s no need to fret! These water-resistant safes will still be plenty capable of protecting your valuables. Like a fire rating, water protection ratings are added to your safe to let you know the amount of time the safe can be submerged in water, and at what depth. Many safe models can keep contents dry for 8 to 24 hours, and heavy-duty models can provide water protection for up to 72 hours. After that, you risk the chance of water seeping through the safe. 

Make sure to check the water protection details of the safe to see if it fits your needs. These water protection ratings need to have an official ETL verification to confirm their authenticity. Other manufacturer guarantees may not be tested thoroughly. 

Keep in mind that a fire-rated or waterproof safe has its pros and cons. If that is what is most important to you, the right safe will be less secure than others built for theft and burglary protection. The safe will be made from materials that ensure a strong seal so that water can’t get in, but these materials aren’t always as heavy-duty as safes made for security reasons. 

If you have any questions about the right safe for you, contact R.J. Lock & Security and come visit us to see our supply of high-quality safes! Our team is proud to serve the Eastern Shore and is here day and night for your locksmith needs.


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