Liberty Fatboy JR Model Safes

large gray marbled safe open to show all the room and capabilities

Are you in need of a spacious and sturdy safe to secure your firearms and valuable possessions? Look no further than the Liberty Fatboy Model Safe series. These safes are specifically designed to provide ample storage capacity and exceptional security, ensuring your items are well-protected. See what R.J. Lock & Security has to offer!

Fatboy Jr. Extreme Safe

First, we have the Fatboy Jr. Extreme. This safe takes security and storage to the next level, offering enhanced features for those with larger collections or additional storage needs. With a capacity to hold up to 45 long guns, this safe accommodates your firearms and valuable possessions with ease. It boasts level 4 security and a fire rating of 75 minutes, providing superior fire protection. The Fatboy Jr. Extreme also includes a door panel organizer, adjustable shelving, and a top shelf for optimizing the storage space and ensuring easy organization.

Fatboy Jr. XL Safe

Next, let’s explore the Fatboy Jr. XL Safe. This safe is a step up from the extreme, perfect for those who require extensive storage space for their firearms collection and other valuables. With a capacity to hold up to 60 long guns, this safe provides generous room for your firearms, ammunition, and accessories. It has a 75-minute fire rating at 1200 degrees, to make sure your belongings remain protected in the event of a fire. The Fatboy Jr. XL Safe has Liberty‚Äôs door panel organizer that provides convenient storage for handguns, documents, and other smaller items.

The Liberty Fatboy Model Safe series delivers exceptional performance. Whether you choose the Fatboy Jr. XL Safe or the Fatboy Jr. Extreme, you can trust in the quality and reliability of these safes. R.J. Lock & Security is happy to help you find the perfect safe in our inventory. Invest in a Liberty Fatboy Model Safe and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your firearms and valuables have the best security features!


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