Securing Your Safe in a Rental Property

Woman Looking at Safe Hidden Behind Painting

Whether you’re traveling for work, vacationing with family, or in a long-term renting situation, it’s vital to protect valuables, firearms, and important documents in a safe. Rental homes are often key targets for burglars aiming to take advantage of unprepared properties or people. Look to R.J. Lock & Security as your guide for how to keep your safe, and everything in it, safe! 

Ways to Secure a Safe in an Apartment

  • Conceal larger safes. 

Keep the safe in a closet or basement area that is not easily accessible or viewable to anyone visiting the home. Smaller safes could be placed in heavy, freestanding locked cabinets or in crawl spaces that are concealed by furniture. Choose a location as far away from a point-of-entry to the home as possible.

  • Bolt the safe to a steel plate. 

In most cases, bolting your safe to a wall or the floor is not possible in a rental. Choosing to bolt the safe to a steel plate adds weight and will make it even more difficult for the safe to be removed maliciously. 

  • Connect the safe to a heavy piece of furniture. 

Use a security cord to attach a safe to an immobile or hard-to-move object in the apartment or rental house. 

  • Add weight inside to the safe to make it harder to move. 

For larger safes, adding inexpensive iron weights, metal plates, or other heavy materials can make removing the safe physically impossible. 

If you don’t already have a compact or large capacity safe, take a look at our Safe Inventory for multiple options based on the size and type of items you need to store. R.J. Lock & Security sells and services safes in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

Contact R.J. Lock & Security online or by phone at 410-213-8477 for more expert advice on securing your safe, today! 


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