The Deadbolt Lock: Why You Need One


If you’re concerned about the security of your home, you may be wondering if a deadbolt lock would be of benefit. The short answer? Yes! There are plenty of advantages to installing a deadbolt lock that your everyday door lock simply doesn’t have. 

Why should you have a deadbolt lock installed? Consider the following reasons that you should have a deadbolt on your door, and call the experts at R.J. Lock & Security to schedule an installation today! 

Why Install a Deadbolt

A deadbolt lock presents would-be burglars with an additional obstacle that will prevent them from entering your home! Many petty-thieves are just looking for an easy in, and don’t want to waste their time trying to pick an additional lock to get into your home! What makes them different? The solid steel bar that makes up the “bolt” part of the deadbolt lock is harder to move, making it much more difficult to break into your home. 

In fact, while a standard lock can be budged with a credit card, a deadbolt requires your key to actually retract the bolt from the steel plate, or some serious force to break the door! Because a key is required to extend and retract the deadbolt, you’ll rest easy with more peace of mind, and tangible security for your home. 

Pro TIp: Choose Stronger Locks and Stronger Doors! 

While a deadbolt lock certainly provides a stronger lock, your home is only as secure as the strength of your door, and doorjamb. If you install a deadbolt lock, make sure that your door and door hinges are strong enough to withstand the application of force! 

Burglary is unfortunate, unsettling, and heartbreaking. This is why at R.J. Lock & Security, we recommend any additional measure that can help you avoid it! Check out our blog to learn more about home security, and contact the experts today at R.J. Lock & Security for some peace of mind in your home!  


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