Top Reasons You Need Locks on Cabinets

dark cabinet with lock

When storing and organizing personal possessions in your home or office, you may be debating if cabinet locks are worth implementing. Locks on cabinets provide extra security and protection for yourself and others. Here at R.J. Lock & Security, we want to ensure the peace of mind that comes with implementing cabinet locks. 

  • Storing hazardous items: Oftentimes items like cleaning supplies are stored in cabinets lower to the ground or under a sink. These low cabinets may be convenient for storage but when small children are around or pets start to get curious, it can be a recipe for disaster. Adding locks to low cabinets that are easily reached can prevent unnecessary spills, choking hazards, and more. 
  • Prescription and Substance storage: When storing items explicitly meant for an individual in the space, privacy and security are important to consider. Medications should be secure and only accessed by those with proper approval and knowledge. 
  • Valuables: Those family heirlooms, prized possessions, and secure documents should be treated as such with the proper protection from theft and harm’s way. You don’t want a thief getting into grandma’s valuables or that broach that you inherited from Great Aunt Mary. 

Bonus Tip: A Lock For Your Desk!

Confidential files should be just that- confidential and safe from wandering eyes. Do you have a safe place to store them? Especially when working from home, keeping the kids off of your work laptop is an extra concern you don’t have time to worry about. Consider adding a lock to your desk! 

Desk locks can also be beneficial in keeping you organized! Not sure where a specific file from work is? It’s secured in your desk drawer and not at risk of being picked up by mistake. Maybe if there’s extra space, you can hide your favorite snacks and keep them away from others who will devour them!  

Whether it’s protection in the office or security at home, R.J. Lock & Security are here to help! Discover commercial services offered and learn about our residential services. Also, be sure to stay up to date with our “Stay Safe” Blog for more tips on how to protect yourself and your possessions. 


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