The 3 Best Times to Change Your Locks

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The best way to be sure that your home is protected is by using layered protection. Typically, this means that you may install motion sensors, an alarm system, change your locks, and the like. However, high-tech gadgets aren’t the only tools that you need to protect your home! Sometimes the best protection is right in your pocket, your keys. 

Keys allow you to choose just who has access to the inside of your home. They’re an important barrier that keeps unwanted guests from entering into your house unwanted and unannounced. In fact, closing your door and locking it gives you a huge advantage towards home safety, as 34% of burglars enter through the front door! Simply closing your door and locking it gives you a huge advantage towards home safety. 

Changing your locks is something that many people are aware of, but rarely do. Changing your locks can help keep your home safe, and help you make sure that you always know who has access to your house! Check out the best times to change your locks, as recommended by the experts at R.J. Lock & Security, and call us today to keep your home safe and secure! 

Best Times to Change Your Locks

1. Moving

Did you just make the exciting move of purchasing your first home, or moving into a new apartment? Moving is an exhausting but exciting time, it’s also a great time to change the locks! If you’re rending an apartment, be sure that the building managers had the locks changed as soon as the old tenants have moved out, and that you, your roommates, and your landlord, are the only ones with keys! 

2. Lost Keys

When you lose your keys, the first thing that you should do is replace your locks! Don’t allow time to pass, hoping that you’ll be able to find them, allowing possible strangers access to your house! As an extra measure of protection, be sure to never keep your home address on your keys or key-ring. 

3. Old Locks

Over time, wear and tear can impact your lock, making it difficult to lock and unlock your door using the key. For your own safety, don’t leave your lock vulnerable to tampering and replace your key! A touch lock will be harder to ensure that your home is locked when you leave, and an older lock may not protect you as well as a new one will. Save yourself the trouble by replacing any old locks in your home. 

Are you ready to enjoy a greater level of protection? Contact the security experts at R.J. Lock and Security to get started.


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