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American Security FS Model Safes

black small safe with key pad on the front

American Security FS model safes are sturdy and dependable, providing unmatched security and protection for your valuables. At R.J. Lock & Security, we provide only the finest brands and models of safes for our customers to choose from. The American … Continue reading

Liberty Fatboy JR Model Safes

large gray marbled safe open to show all the room and capabilities

Are you in need of a spacious and sturdy safe to secure your firearms and valuable possessions? Look no further than the Liberty Fatboy Model Safe series. These safes are specifically designed to provide ample storage capacity and exceptional security, … Continue reading

Liberty USA Model Safes

open safe with valuable items inside

If you’re in the market for a reliable and secure safe to protect your valuable belongings, look no further than the Liberty USA Model Safe series. These exceptional safes are designed to provide maximum security and peace of mind for … Continue reading

Liberty Colonial Model Safes

inside of white safe showing valuable items to keep secure

Are you looking for a safe to protect your valuable belongings from theft or damage? Look no further than the Liberty Colonial Model Safe series with R.J. Lock & Security. These high-quality safes are built to last and provide maximum … Continue reading

Liberty Centurion Model Safes

safe open showing valuable items to be locked in a safe

Liberty brand Centurion model safes are the perfect starter gun safe for those looking for security, fire protection, and affordability. If you have several guns or valuables you’re looking to protect, check out the Centurion safe! All Centurion safes are … Continue reading

Buying Guide for Gun Safes

Safe full of rifles

If you’re looking into buying a gun safe, there are many things you should consider before jumping into your purchase. With the correct research and R.J. Lock & Security’s buying guide for gun safes, you will be equipped with the … Continue reading

Is Your Safe Waterproof?

Open safe with cash in it

As professional locksmiths and safe sellers, R.J. Lock & Security experiences this inquiry all the time. Are you looking for a waterproof safe? Is your safe waterproof? If floods are common in your area or you’re looking to protect valuables … Continue reading

When to Replace Your Safe

R.J. Lock & Security combination lock

There are numerous instances or situations that can leave you wondering if and when you should replace your safe. To be straightforward it all just depends. Your safe should be reliable and secure, so maintenance and upkeep may be required … Continue reading

Why You Should Own a Fire Safe

Fire safe with valuables in it

Having any safe is beneficial to protecting your valuables. When shopping for a safe, there are many things to consider, but today we’re focusing on one kind in particular. Why should you own a fire safe?  At R.J. Lock & … Continue reading

What to Store in a Safe

Debit card, social security, birth certificate

It’s always a good idea to have a safe to protect valuables but often times people might forget or overlook what to store in a safe. At R.J. Lock & Security, we are safe experts and are here to help … Continue reading


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