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Creating a Home Inventory

woman holding a checklist

Have you created a home inventory? This practice of creating a home inventory list may seem like a bit of a hassle. However, when you imagine trying to remember all of your possessions after they’re gone, it seems like a … Continue reading

Should I Replace or Rekey My Locks?

Keys sticking out of a lock in a door

There are many instances that can leave you wondering if you should replace or rekey your locks. Whether you’ve moved into a new home, have a roommate who just moved out, or misplaced your keys, it’s always better to be … Continue reading

Top Reasons You Need Locks on Cabinets

dark cabinet with lock

When storing and organizing personal possessions in your home or office, you may be debating if cabinet locks are worth implementing. Locks on cabinets provide extra security and protection for yourself and others. Here at R.J. Lock & Security, we … Continue reading

The Deadbolt Lock: Why You Need One


If you’re concerned about the security of your home, you may be wondering if a deadbolt lock would be of benefit. The short answer? Yes! There are plenty of advantages to installing a deadbolt lock that your everyday door lock … Continue reading

The 3 Best Times to Change Your Locks

home in suburbs

The best way to be sure that your home is protected is by using layered protection. Typically, this means that you may install motion sensors, an alarm system, change your locks, and the like. However, high-tech gadgets aren’t the only … Continue reading


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